Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund Limited (BIFFL) is a Government-owned specialized Finance Company, established in 2011 by a resolution of the Cabinet of the Government of Bangladesh. It is owned by the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and represented by the Finance Division, Ministry of Finance (MoF).

BIFFL, the largest finance company in Bangladesh in terms of paid-up capital, commands an unparalleled position with an authorized capital of BDT 100 billion and a formidable paid-up capital of BDT 23.08 billion. Since its establishment, BIFFL has been tackling the inadequacy in infrastructure investment, creating an environment that beckons sustainable private ventures by mobilizing PPP budget. Also, as a leading promoter of greener infrastructure, BIFFL proudly takes on the responsibility and expertise to drive the shift towards a more sustainable future by actively advising, supporting, and financing its valued customers in initiatives that prioritize environmental consciousness.

Under the guidance of a diverse eight-member Board of Directors, consisting of 7 senior government officials and a dedicated Chief Executive Officer, BIFFL steers Bangladesh's sustainable development journey with esteemed global partners like the World Bank, JICA, ADB, KfW, and AFD. In the dynamic intersection of finance and sustainability, BIFFL transcends the traditional role of a finance company, emerging as visionary architects of a flourishing, technologically advanced, and environmentally conscious future.



Bangladesh is an emerging economy. It has enormous potential to be a developed country. However, lack of infrastructure is holding it back from growing rapidly. So, investing in infrastructure is not only a business deal or opportunity, but also a national call that we cannot deny. Our coordinated approach can ensure economic growth of the country which will eventually raise the standard of living and quality of life for all.

Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund Limited (BIFFL) is a Government-owned Non-Banking Financial Institution, operating since 2011. It was established to address the importance and urgency of investing in the infrastructures of the country. Ministry of Finance is the key shareholder of the company. Memorandum of the company allows to include private partners later on.

BIFFL envisages attracting private investment from local & foreign investors and to invest in companies that are implementing infrastructure projects in Bangladesh. BIFFL is also committed to protect environment. Green economy and eco-friendly measures are our foremost priority while considering any investment deal.



Acceleration of economic growth by leveraging relative strengths of Public and Private Sector through financing Infrastructure Projects.


  • To perform as a professional Financial Institution by adopting the internationally accepted best practices and maintaining highest level of moral and ethical standards.
  • To promote Country’s economic development by facilitating and encouraging Private Sector Investment in all infrastructure projects.
  • To support sustainable economic growth of Bangladesh through facilitating Infrastructure Development.


  • To provide long-term finance to critically important infrastructure projects.
  • To catalyze co-financing from private financial sources.
  • To provide a unique vehicle for capital market development by exploring a number of avenues to capture domestic and foreign investment within the contexts of a robustly designed and well-governed investment vehicle.


  • To promote, encourage and finance Private Sector Investment in all infrastructure sector.
  • To extend financing facilities for the infrastructure projects in the form of debt or equity.
  • To attract private investment in long term infrastructure projects: overcoming the asset liability mismatch of existing bank finance.
  • To create funds, sub-funds, including Islamic Funds, and any other type of Funds as deemed appropriate by the Company.


  • To develop, finance & monitor and implement infrastructure projects.
  • To focus on recruitment and retention of skilled, honest, creative and talented manpower.
  • To ensure transparency, accountability, fairness in operation and zero tolerance on corruption and sexual harassment.
  • To maximize shareholder equity by maintaining asset quality with balanced and sustainable growth.
  • To enhance brand image through excellent customer service, CSR activities and finance in green & energy efficient projects.
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