Investment Criteria and Parameters


Infrastructure Projects

In order to be eligible for funding from BIFFL, a project shall meet the following eligibility  criteria:

  1. Projects should be an integral part of the GoB’s priority plan for the relevant sector/sub-sectors and does not come under the Restricted List of Sectors;
  2. BIFFL shall consider only those projects for financing which will withstand the viability test from the commercial and socio-economic viewpoints. Viable projects may also include those projects that will become viable after receiving “Viability Gap Financing (VGF)” from the Ministry of Finance, GoB, as per approved “Guidelines of Viability Gap Financing for PPP Projects”;
  3. Any “For-Profit” or “Not-For-Profit” entity legally registered in Bangladesh or abroad at the time of submission of proposal(s) in response to Request for Qualification (RFQ) or Unsolicited Proposal(s) will be eligible to apply for BIFFL financing. However, at the time of contract signing, the foreign entity is required to be registered as a legal entity in Bangladesh;
  4. The project shall be implemented (i.e. developed, financed and operated for the project term) by a:
    • Public Sector Company, with 51 percent or more of the subscribed and  paid-up equity owned and controlled by the GoB, jointly or severally;
    • Private Sector Company, with 51 percent or more of the subscribed  and paid-up equity owned and controlled by the private sector.
  5. A Private Sector Company not selected through a competitive bidding process would be eligible for direct lending by BIFFL only after the necessary statutory/ administrative approvals and clearances from relevant government agency/ authority have been obtained provided that-
  6. the service to be provided by the infrastructure project is regulated and non- monopolistic in nature;
  7. the project is being set up under an agreement with the Government or a public sector undertaking; and
  8. total lending for such private projects does not exceed 25 percent of the lending program of BIFFL in any Fiscal Year (FY).
  9. projects should comply with BIFFL’s Environmental and Social Monitoring Framework and also Environmental & Social guidelines/rules as specified by the relevant ministries/departments under GoB.

Other Projects

  • Any entity who is duly registered in Bangladesh and fit into the eligible sector described in eligible sector section.
  • Any entity who is duly registered in Bangladesh and match the eligibility criteria of donor funded projects.
  • Debt: equity ratio of the entity or project should be minimum 80:20.