Vision, Mission & Strategic Priorities



Acceleration of economic growth by leveraging relative strengths of Public and Private Sector through financing Infrastructure Projects.


  • To perform as a professional Financial Institution by adopting the internationally accepted best practices and maintaining highest level of moral and ethical standards.
  • To promote Country’s economic development by facilitating and encouraging Private Sector Investment in all infrastructure projects.
  • To support sustainable economic growth of Bangladesh through facilitating Infrastructure Development.


  • To provide long-term finance to critically important infrastructure projects.
  • To catalyze co-financing from private financial sources.
  • To provide a unique vehicle for capital market development by exploring a number of avenues to capture domestic and foreign investment within the contexts of a robustly designed and well-governed investment vehicle.


  • To promote, encourage and finance Private Sector Investment in all infrastructure sector.
  • To extend financing facilities for the infrastructure projects in the form of debt or equity.
  • To attract private investment in long term infrastructure projects: overcoming the asset liability mismatch of existing bank finance
  • To create funds, sub-funds, including Islamic Funds, and any other type of Funds as deemed appropriate by the Company.

Strategic Priorities

  • To develop, finance & monitor and implement infrastructure projects
  • To focus on recruitment and retention of skilled, honest, creative and talented manpower
  • To ensure transparency, accountability, fairness in operation and zero tolerance on corruption and sexual harassment
  • To maximize shareholder equity by maintaining asset quality with balanced and sustainable growth
  • To enhance brand image through excellent customer service, CSR activities and finance in green & energy efficient projects