Bangladesh is an emerging economy. It has enormous potential to be a developed country. However, lack of infrastructure is holding it back from growing rapidly. So, investing in infrastructure is not only a business deal or opportunity, but also a national call that we cannot deny. Our coordinated approach can ensure economic growth of the country which will eventually raise the standard of living and quality of life for all.

Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund Limited (BIFFL) is a Government-owned Non-Banking Financial Institution, operating since 2011. It was established to address the importance and urgency of investing in the infrastructures of the country. Ministry of Finance is the key shareholder of the company. Memorandum of the company allows to include private partners later on.

BIFFL envisages attracting private investment from local & foreign investors and to invest in companies that are implementing infrastructure projects in Bangladesh. BIFFL is also committed to protect environment. Green economy and eco-friendly measures are our foremost priority while considering any investment deal