Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund Limited (BIFFL)
(A Financial Institution owned by the Ministry of Finance, GoB)

Infrastructure Sectors

Eligible Sector

BIFFL will promote, encourage and finance all infrastructure sectors, including but not limited to the following: (1)Power and Energy:

  • Generation of power, energy, hydro-carbon exploration, hydropower, solar power and wind power;
  • Production of biomass or biogas energy fueled by waste or processed by- products in a manner that does not denigrate the environment within the territory of Bangladesh;
  • Transmission of energy within the territory of Bangladesh or beyond for the purpose of economic development of the country;

(2) Natural Resource Development:

  • Exploration, Production, Transmission and Distribution of Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Coal and other Mineral Resources;
  • Oil refinery and production of LPG;

(3) Transportation System:

  • Roads & Highways and Expressways including Mass Rapid Transport System;
  • Bridges, Tunnels, Flyovers, Interchangers, City Roads, Bus Terminals, Commercial Car Parking etc.

(4) Port Development:

  • Sea, River and Land Port including Inland Container Terminals, Inland Container Depot and other related services;
  • Deep Sea Port Development;

(5) Air & Railway Transportation Projects:

  • Airports, Terminals and related aviation facilities;
  • Railway systems, Rolling stock, Equipment and facilities;

(6) Telecommunication System:

  • Cellular, Broadband, Satellite, Cable and Data Transmission, Networks and services including Information and Communication Technology;

(7) Tourism:

  • Basic and all necessary infrastructure related to tourism industry;

(8) Utility & Environmental Management:

  • Water supply and distribution, Sewerage and Drainage, Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP);
  • Land reclamation, Dredging of Rivers, Canals, Wetlands, Lakes and other related facilities;
  • Environmental, Industrial and Solid Waste Management Projects;

(9) Social and Industrial Infrastructure Projects:

  • Economic Zone, Industrial estates and parks, City and Property Development, including services to support Commercial and Non-commercial activities;
  • Social infrastructure, e.g. Health, Education, Human Resource Development, Research and Development, and Cultural facilities;
  • E-service Delivery to citizens;

(10) Poverty Alleviation Projects:

  • Pourashava and village water supply;
  • Remote area power supply systems, Rural gas supply;
  • Rural internet projects;
  • River passenger terminals/landing stations;
  • Rural health services and hospital; and
  • Irrigation and other agricultural services

(11) Urban & Rural Development Projects:

  • Fisheries and Livestock Development Projects
  • Other urban, municipal and rural projects, that the Government views as priority areas for development so as to support economic development activities; and

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