Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund Limited (BIFFL)
(A Financial Institution owned by the Ministry of Finance, GoB)

Goal & Objectives


The main goal of BIFFL is:

  • to provide long-term finance to critical infrastructure projects in Bangladesh, with a focus on promoting the evolving PPP program;
  • to catalyze co-financing from private financial sources through the comfort of a professional domestic fund entity’s presence in an investment;
  • to provide a unique vehicle for capital markets development, by providing a number of avenues to capture domestic and foreign investment within the contexts of a robustly designed and well-governed investment vehicle.
  • to overcome current limitations on financial markets oversight and governance by creating a self-sustaining ‘regulation-by-contract’ structure.



Main Objective:

The main objective of BIFFL is:

  • to provide predominantly long-term financing for PPP projects through issuance of bonds and debt instruments and equity offerings. BIFFL envisages attracting private investments from local & foreign investors and to invest companies that are implementing infrastructure projects in Bangladesh.

Primary Objectives:

The Primary Objectives of BIFFL are:

    • to receive and accept from GoB and/or any other foreign or local source including official or semi-official development sources –
      • funds and moneys by way of loans, debts, debt backed by sovereign guarantees;
      • bond specially designed for non-resident Bangladeshis, sub-sovereign debt, equity, preference shares or any other quasy-equity instruments,
      • development of Limited Partner (LP) –

for the development of infrastructure projects in Bangladesh.

  • to promote, encourage and finance private sector investment in all critical infrastructure sectors.
  • to create funds, sub-funds including Islamic funds and any other type of funds as deemed appropriate by the Company; engage Fund Managers, Investment Advisors, Management Consultants or any such other advisors or staff to manage the business of the Company.

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